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We provide world-class animation and visual effects solutions for our clients. We've formed a network that brings together some of the most visually innovative and experienced animation talents from around the world. Whether we’re busy working on AAA game,  feature film, commercial, mobile application, or motion graphic, we always make sure to fulfill our clients’ requests. Take a look at some of our projects and get in touch with any questions.

Game Character Creation

Experienced team

we worked on AAA games and animated tv series

Led by  20+ years Veterans in game and animation industry, from cartoon to realism, our teams are able to provide competitive solution  on animation, 3D modelling, storyboard, art concept, and visual effects for our clients.

Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow
Far Cry 4
Splinter Cell Double Agent
Raving Rabbids Travel in Time
Just Dance 2
Ghost Recon
Watch Dogs

2D Concept


3D Object and Environment

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In-game animation

In-game Animation: It begins with small pieces animation , ends up with a huge complex system. Animator, modeller, game designer, programmer and quality control made the animation In-game.


we need you dude

3d Animation Movie looking for talents


Senior Concept Artist

The Senior Concept Artists will work with the movie director to develop original concept artwork. They are responsible for providing artwork and style-frames with high production value and craft, including character designs, environments, props, effects.

Essential Skills:

  1.   5+ years animation TV and movie Industry concept design experiences with at least 2 movies or TV series released.

  2.   Excellent 2D skills and knowledge of traditional art techniques.

  3.   Understanding of anatomy, character/creature design, color theory, perspective, lighting, and composition.

  4.   Be able to design a variety of original concepts including interior and exterior environments

  5.   Be a self-motivated individual with a strong work ethic Ability to work digitally, including Photoshop, and/or similar software applications

  6.   Quebec Resident status

Storyboard on screen

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